Quite a bit more progress on the Emergence engine, PhysX
materials have been implemented, the map doesn't have materials yet, but
that won't be that big of a deal. Skyboxes have also been implemented, at
least to some degree though certainly not final. The AI systems has been
significantly advanced. I have decided to create an AI system that will work
with both Lua scripts and an external dll file, that way really simple items
that don't require much processing power can be run with Lua scripts, and
heavy AI objects can be processed with machine instructions, which will be much
faster. I'm thinking simple items like doors or simple entities (that only
need to play sounds, or other small matters) can be run by Lua scripts while
complex AIs that follow graphs and do other intelligent things can be run by
machine code. The AI system, however, will be developed so that Lua scripts
can do everything that machine code can do, only slower.