Further Development

Emergence is almost caught up to where Legacy was before it
was cancelled, in some cases it is much more further along. The emap format
has been created, and though certainly not in it's final form it is in a
working form that is much more compact, and of course the xml format is
more readable. Emergence doesn't have skyboxes yet, but that is a pretty
simple matter. The physics engine doesn't have materials yet (Legacy never
really had a good material system as it was), so for the most part Emergence is
pretty much back where Legacy was, and actual development of a working game
can begin soon. It's pretty amazing that it took less than two months to
completely rebuild an engine with the same functionality as Legacy, as opposed to the three years Legacy was in development. Not to
mention that Emergence is much more robust.
Among the things that have not been implemented yet, but that will be easy
to implement (at least to the point that they are equivalent to Legacy):
Shaders, Skyboxes, AI system, Save File Format, a Font System, and PhysX
The truth is that with Legacy a lot of time was wasted on things that didn't
matter. For example the LMEdit tool basically did only a few things, that
are actually easier to do by hand with the new XML mesh and skeleton formats.
To be honest a lot of time had to be wasted with Legacy in order for Emergence
to work so well. The bad ideas from Legacy were something I had to find out
about, and the good ideas as well. Further a college education is certainly
required for video game development, not only are the math, physics, and
computer science skills necessary, but a general concept of problem solving
as well. Ultimately there are no regrets in scrapping the Legacy engine, and
moving on to Emergence.