An introduction is in order. Admittedly this blog comes a little late in the development process of the Emergence Game Engine. I say that because the engine is already a working game engine (well, at least it resembles a working game engine), which means that much of the gruntwork has been completed. That means I’m beginning this blog with most of the groundwork laid, and I won’t be able to comment that work as it is completed. Luckily, I did keep a few notes in the development process, so I will be writing posts that outline the early stages of development.

I hope this blog will be useful to anyone interested in software development, and specifially anyone interested in video game development. I want to say that the process of developing a video game is not easy. I started programming when I was fourteen years old with one intent in mind, I wanted to make video games. It’s been a long journey from my early days developing 2D games that ran on DOS to the Emergence Game Engine that I’m working on today, and the prospect of developing video games is all the more better for it. Video games have evolved for the better. It’s a longer process to develop them, but it is also a much more rewarding process, and the end product is much more impressive.

I will be writing posts on the development process at the end of each day of development. These will outline the work accomplished for the day, as well get into my reasoning behind certain design decisions, and other remarks as I see fit. Welcom to the blog, and I hope you enjoy!