Faster Progress

Wow, I made a lot more progress than I ever imagined. I implemented a sort of
faux lighting system. It's not optimized yet, but it looks pretty dynamic. Not
up to today's standards by any means, probably Max Payne 1 quality. Also, I've
implemented shaders. I also learned quite a bit more about shaders, so they
share values, such as the current time, the time elapsed for the frame, and
textures and stuff. Also "#include" in .fx files works with the file system.
I have also very much setup the rasterizer engine to work with a portal type
system. The client is a little more complex, and now keeps track of which
region an entity is in. I haven't implemented portals yet, but the foundation
is laid. (I'm talking about culling portals, not like the game Portal.)
Overall I'm really happy with the progress I'm making. Sound still needs a lot
of work, and I still want to make it so you can shoot some enemies dead, and
have moving doors and stuff.
I made this test level called sorpigal.emap. It is based off of the first town
in Might and Magic: Secret of the Inner Sanctum. It's really cool. It doesn't
have doors yet, as those aren't implemented yet, but still it is a much funner
test level than that shapes level that I was using.