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Render Targets - June 23, 2011

For a while now I’ve been experimenting with various techniques using render targets. That is, the usual render target is called the back buffer, you can draw a game simply by drawing to the back buffer directly, but it is also possible to render to a texture that has been created as a render target. This allows for various possibilities such as a mini-map display, mirrors, video playback, and so forth. I have been working on the implementation of render targets within the game. Previously my implementations had been experimental and sporadic, but I now have a much better system implemented that is not dependent upon Direct3D.

The main reason I have been working on these is because I want to develop a window system for the game so that I can create menus and so forth. (Actually, I have already implemented a window system, and the console is part of that system, but it is heavily dependent upon Direct3D, and I want to create a more generic system.)

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This blog chronicles the development of the Emergence Game engine. The Emergence Game Engine will be a fully functional 3D game engine with support for the latest technologies in video game development. This blog features the remarks of the lead programmer, Blaine Myers, as he comments on the struggles and joys of developing a 3D game engine.


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